VoteSmart: fun, informative

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Four teams of students made presentations on political issues relevant to young voters at the VoteSmart Challenge on Tuesday, Oct. 23, in Angelico Hall

The presentation included the popular crowd interaction feature of live polling.

The four topics presented were education and the cost of college, the economy, the environment and foreign policy. The teams were well prepared with facts and figures and discussed details of oil consumption, college debt, U.S. spending on the military and foreign wars, the rising national debt and the trade deficit as well as the European debt crisis.

As topics were presented, the audience was able to participate and share opinions via live polling. At the conclusion of the event, in response to the poll question, “Are you more likely to talk about the election with family and friends after attending VoteSmart 2012?” 72 percent of those attending responded “YES.”

Of her VoteSmart experience, Mekenna Olsen, a Communications Pathways student said, “I like that students from Greece and Thailand participated in the event as well. Although some people might not agree, America really is one of the leading forces in the world and in the global economy and what happens in America does affect the rest of the world.”

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