Salami confessions — telling posts prompt health tip

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 #584. “I can finish a whole Costco size pizza by myself and still have room for a large pizookie.” #BigPeopleStruggles #ForeverHungry

#586. “When it’s finals week, I just buy hella frozen pizza and that’s my diet for the whole week.”

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Here’s a word of wisdom and some scientific facts for recent posters on the wildly popular, confessional Facebook page, “Dominican Confessions.” You might consider rethinking your topping selections in future pizza delivery orders. It has been known for years that processed meats are high in fat, but a recent European study shows the consumption of such meats is directly linked to higher risks for development of cancer and heart disease. The European scientists studied the habits of several European countries’ meat eating tendencies including Spanish jamon serraon eaters, and German sausage consumers. They followed individuals since the 1990s to the 2000s, and concluded that those who consumed 20 grams of salty processed meats like bacon, bologna, and salami have a higher chance of dying of  heart attack, stoke, or cancer. It is astonishing that one single strip of bacon is about 20 grams of fat.

There is no need to get alarmed right away though. The harmful effects are built up over time; the more that is consumed, the higher the risk. A simple change in one’s diet can put off or eliminate harmful outcomes. Just a bit of warning to the anons who used the  “Dominican Confessions” Facebook page to proclaim their love for meaty and fatty edibles.




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