Have you heard? Green is the new black

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“I love what H&M is doing to help the environment. You don’t see a lot of fashion companies doing this, and it just makes H&M more appealing to shop at.”

— Melissa Chung, freshman business major

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — The words “sustainable” and “stylish” are rarely used in the same sentence when talking about clothes. However, H&M has successfully mixed these two to create their “Conscious Collection” which launched in mid-March.

The clothing company makes constant efforts to provide fashions for style-conscious customers. The collection is H&M’s way to achieve more sustainable practices in fashion design, production,  merchandising, and recycling — the entire life cycle of their products.

Each H&M department (women, men and children) has a “Conscious Collection,” so everyone can feel and look good in their clothes. All fashions in these collections are made from materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and tencel.

“You think about sustainable and recycled material, and all I can picture is ugly clothing my grandma would wear,” says Nicole Bueno, senior nursing major. “But H&M did a great job with their new collection. Not only do I look great, but I’m being more eco-friendly too.”

Along with “Conscious Collection” H&M is also launching a used garment collecting drive. Customers can bring any used or unwanted garments to the stores, and in return, H&M will give them a voucher for 15 percent off any item of their choice. H&M’s partner recycling company, I: Collect, will take garments, recycle the material and make new products with them.

“I love what H&M is doing to help the environment,” says Melissa Chung, freshman business major. “You don’t see a lot of fashion companies doing this, and it just makes H&M more appealing to shop at.”

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