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“When I DJ, I try to tell a story through my music,” 

— DJ Nicorex

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Whether students live on campus or off campus, they’ve probably heard about Dominican University of California’s freshman female DJ, Nicole Rodrick aka DJ Nicorex. Rodrick, a freshman Communication and Media Studies major, is one out of a few female DJs that is creating a name for herself in the DJ industry.

Through networking and taking the initiative to talk to music event coordinators, Rodrick has landed numerous DJ gigs. She has only been DJing for less than two years, but Rodrick has already worked at more than 10 music events — she has even been asked to DJ outside of California. This is a huge accomplishment for a DJ, especially a female, without a manager and without years of experience.

A year and a half ago, while on Facebook, Rodrick stumbled upon a friend’s music mix, listened to it — and it was that moment when she became curious in learning how to DJ.

“I’ve always been interested in music,” says Rodrick. “DJing was just a way to explore it more.”

Rodrick began to teach herself how to DJ with a free DJ software called “Virtual DJ.” After two months, she was able to buy her own equipment, and with the help of her favorite DJs on Youtube, she was able to improve her skills.

Although her parents, Jenny and Scott Rodrick, want her to make school her top priority, Rodrick has a passion for DJing and hopes to go further in the music field. One of her long-term goals is to DJ at a major music festival, and also to make it into the “Top 100 DJs” magazine.

“There are never any female DJs that make it into this magazine,” says Rodrick. “So this is one of my motivations to continue and improve in my work.”

One of her biggest motivations is her group of supporters, made up of friends and fans who have stayed loyal to her throughout her DJing career.

“You really find out who your true supporters are or who just uses you to get free tickets to an event,” says Rodrick.

She stresses that next to having a passion for DJing, fans are also a big part of a DJ’s success.

“Friends and family are the best supporters! If they’re there for you, then that’s really good,” states Rodrick.

Many people think that a DJ’s job is easy – play some good music, add some scratches here and there, and get the crowd dancing and “hyped up.” Although this may be what some DJs do, Rodrick has found a way to be different from the rest of the up and coming DJs.

“When I DJ, I try to tell a story through my music,” states Rodrick.

Through lyrics, beats and melodies, she is able to tell a story her crowd can relate to. She practices at least a week before any event where she is performing at. For the first two days, she likes to find new songs by unreleased artists that most DJs wouldn’t have yet. In the next five days, she figures out which songs go together well to create her story.

 “I think she’s awesome,” states Ariana Acevedo, freshman biology major. “She knows what she’s doing when she DJs because she has one of the best ears for music.”

Being a female DJ, Rodrick has had the challenge of breaking the stereotype for females in this industry and proving herself to anyone that doubted her skills just because of her gender. But this setback hasn’t stopped Rodrick in continuing to do what she loves.

“If you really have a passion for it [DJing], you’ll get through everything,” states Rodrick. “The best pleasure is doing something people say you can’t do.”

If you haven’t heard DJ Nicorex’s DJ mixes, make sure you listen to them at And don’t forget to “LIKE” her Facebook page,

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