ASDU responds to students’ needs

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif.  – With a new school year and a new Associated Students of Dominican University (ASDU) president comes new changes for the DU community. School has been in session for a month, and Eleno Nunez, ASDU President, a senior Biology major, has already made beneficial improvements.

One major change Nunez pushed through was the restructure of ASDU. In the past, ASDU was split into the Executive board and the Senate.

“The previous ASDU government structure worked but it was really disorganized”, says Nunez.

With the approval of other members, Nunez has led the process of dividing the government into 3 different sections: Senate, House and Executive – these work as separate committees. Each committee is responsible for a specific issue students might have while at Dominican.

The Senate, led by the Vice President, Erica Wilson, deals strictly with any student issues at Dominican. For example, one issue that has raised student concern is the towing of cars that are parked overnight or in a reserved parking spot. Wilson is in the process of suggesting a sticker for the first warning, and for second and third offenses a wheel boot with a fee to have it removed.

“If students have an issue they feel needs to be addressed, they need to let me know because I will do everything I can to solve it,” says Wilson.

The House, led by the Director of Programming, Victoria “Tori” Escalada, is in charge of planning campus-wide social events.

While the Executive board, made up of the President, Vice President,  Director of Programming,  Director of Communications, Genevieve Schmitt, and  Director of Public Relations, Aminata Diagne, oversee everything concerning the student body.

“I’m hoping that this will make students more aware of who to go to when they need help or have ideas”, remarks Nunez.

Schmitt, has taken the use of technology to advertise in order to create student awareness of events happening on campus. Aside from ASDU’s Twitter and Facebook page, Schmitt made an ASDU website which was launched on Sept.10. According to Nunez, an ASDU mobile app will be available soon for smart phones.

“ASDU will continue to listen to students and plan events, but it’s up to the students to get involved,” states Nunez.

“The website and mobile app are really going to help awareness. Students don’t look at the posters or flyers ASDU puts up, they’re always on their phones or laptops” says senior nursing major, Nicole Bueno.

Nunez hopes these new changes and plans will increase student participation – which has always been an issue at Dominican.

“ASDU will continue to listen to students and plan events, but it’s up to the students to get involved,” states Nunez.

Make sure to visit the ASDU Facebook page, official website and Twitter for updates about what’s happening around campus.

ASDU Website

ASDU Facebook

ASDU Twitter


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