Chinchilla scores big at Peet’s Coffee

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif.—Students returning to Dominican University of California may have noticed a familiar face missing on campus — Junior Communications and Media Studies major, Mariah Chinchilla.

No worries, Chinchilla does plan to return spring semester, after completing an internship at NBC Universal in New York.

While other students are eagerly hunting for internships, this enviable opportunity arose while Chinchilla was on the  job at Peet’s Coffee, and struck up a conversation with a customer about her career interest. “He told me I was perfect for the internship position, and to give his cousin a call,” says Chinchilla. “And I did.”

 “He told me I was perfect for the internship position, and to give his cousin a call,” says Chinchilla. “And I did.”

Interning at NBC Universal’s affiliate marking department for the entire fall semester,  she will see just what it takes to distribute information to local affiliates through their private website.

Chinchilla is responsible for updating the site and sending off graphics, promos and information pertaining to Sunday Night Football on a constant basis.

“We interns aren’t just running for coffee. We’re actually doing something and learning,” says Chinchilla. “We’re running the show. If we weren’t updating the websites, the stations would be in the dark.”

Although Chinchilla’s school concentration is in cinema, the NBC internship is giving her corporate world experience she has always also had an interest in.

“This is opening my eyes to both production and management, which I don’t think I would have ever had a chance to experience with another internship,” says Chinchilla.

After her first month, Chinchilla is throughly enjoying her experience at NBC Universal, and New York City.  “I love it here. I just want to stay,” says Chinchilla. “I’m already looking at NYU for possible grad school.”


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Amanda Aguilar is a senior communications and media studies major at Dominican University of California. After graduating, she hopes to attend grad school for journalism and then acquire a job as a news anchor. She has been with the print version of The Habit for 2 years, taking the roles of Campus Life Editor and then Managing Editor. Amanda has been apart of the Dominican University Cheer Team and has been captain since 2011. If she isn’t at school or at cheer practice, she’s most likely eating or sleeping.
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